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We are a small rabbitry located outside Des Moines, Iowa, we currently have about 40 holes for our hollands and mini lops. I fell in love with the Holland Lop breed after getting Corky in March of 2005. We had a rough few months but I wouldn't change it for the world. With all Corky and I went through I came to realize what a wonderful breed the Holland Lop is: not only in personality and adorable looks, but in courage and strength. My rabbitry, breeding, and showing is a tribute to Corky and a way of giving to others what I have found in my special bond with him.

Corkys Cave Holland Lops are not just breeding and show bunnies, they are part of the family. I have a small herd, including lines from Tiffeny Schwandt and Mark Carson. I am currently working strongly on the Sable Point color, and want to say a special thanks to Tiffeny Schwandt for all her help and advice on my sable points and getting me really going with them,I wouldn't be as far as I am today without her! All babies will be well socialized and are around people from day one as they are raised indoors and live around the family. With the help and support of my husband and son I hope to learn even more about this wonderful breed and share the knowledge I have gained and the love for rabbits with others.

Please come in and take a look, but stop back often as we're always updating.

We are also now raising mini lops! Please feel free to inquire about them!

Congratulations to Corky's Cave's Bryce on his BIS win!!!




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