Corkys Story

Story of My Illness

- PART 2 -

I slowly started to eat on my own and mom fed me less and less, after a few more days, we were still seeing Dr Mark about every other day….he said I needed surgery cuz I had all this yucky stuff in me that wasn’t going away on its own, so he was gonna go in and get it out for me, he said I would feel a lot better after this and he felt I was strong enough now to do this. The next day I had surgery and it was weird, they put me to sleep and I woke up with all these poky things in my side, almost 100 of them….I felt really weird when I tried to wake up too, I couldn’t stand or anything….Mom came to visit shortly after I woke up and I ate some parsley for her…she was very happy, gave me lots of kisses and told me to rest, that she’d be back in awhile for me.  I could tell she was happy and that I’d done good…she also kept telling me she was proud of me and that I was a very strong bunny.

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Mom came and got me a lil while later, and they were making me wear this weird thing around my head…I didn’t like it very much…it looked kinda like a lampshade.  Mom told me it was so I couldn’t bother them pokey things they called stitches…cuz if I started to take them out, it would be very bad…..I still wasn’t impressed.   I had to wear this for a couple weeks as I continued to get stronger and was eating all on my own.  Mom kept making me take yucky medicine every day and I didn’t like it much, when I was feeling better I started to fight cuz I didn’t wanna eat it, it tasted YUCKY!!!!! Most of all, I was mad about that lampshade they made me wear!!!! 

Some of the skin above my stitches on my leg started to tear and I had to have another surgery….This time I wasn’t even really awake yet when Mom came to see me…I heard her talking and opened my eyes, I tried to lift my head to say hi, but it was SOOOOO heavy that I couldn’t do it.  She held it for me and talked to me. I tried to kiss her to tell her how happy I was she was there, but I had trouble making my tongue work…its ok though, she knew I was trying.  She fussed over me some more and told me what a good boy and a strong bunny I was again.  I was still very tired and not sure what all the fuss was about.  Again she told me she’d be back in awhile to take me home.  When she got there, I was much less tired and able to move…but they made me wear that dumb lampshade again!!!!

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Over the next couple of weeks I continued to get stronger and mom got happier and hardly even cried over me anymore…but I still got LOTS of fussing over and extra love. I even fooled her REALLY good…she came home one day and I had gotten my lampshade off…I looked at her like look what I did mom….I was VERY proud, she wasn’t nearly as impressed as I felt.  She told me I had to leave it on for my own sake and explained it all again.  I really didn’t care and got it off again that nite and the next day.  She finally said, ok fine, YOU win… (haha, took her long enough to realize that didn’t it) I popped a couple of my stitches, but nothing major. Dr Mark took a look and told her to keep it clean and Neosporin in there and I’d be fine. By this time we weren’t making as many trips to see him…but I was still getting spoiled a lot…so I was happy!!

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The next course of treatment was to keep me on my medicine for a long time to make sure the infection was gone…mom also had to check my open wounds and squeeze yucky stuff out of there a couple times a day.  Other than being very bald (which mom told me all the time was ok, that I was still VERY handsome) and being on medicine I was getting stronger and more myself every day.  The medicine made it hard for me to gain weight so I stayed pretty small for awhile, Mom fed me lots of yummy stuff just so I could maintain my weight and not loose anymore, I was pretty skinny.

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Finally, after about 2 and a half months of taking all those yucky medicines Dr. Mark told mom he thought we got it all as the last culture had come back as inactive and we’d been on the meds longer just to be safe.  She was SOOO happy…I’d never seen her like this!!!  She gave me lots of kisses and wouldn’t stop telling me for days how proud she was of me for fighting and not giving up, and that I was the strongest bunny she’d ever known, or heard of for that matter!  Me, I was just happy I didn’t have to take that yucky stuff anymore!! I gave her and Dr Mark lots of kisses to let them know how happy I was about that!  He also told Mom that he’d seen these infections come back as long as a couple months later, so he felt we had gotten it, but wanted mom to keep a close eye on things for awhile and let him know right away if I didn’t seem right, or if she felt a yucky pocket of stuff forming in my belly.  So this meant everyday Mom was poking around my belly to make sure nothing was there.  I wiggled a lot, but still loved her; I know she just wanted me to stay well.  Slowly my hair started to grow back and I was looking like a bunny again!

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Time went on and I was pretty much back to my silly self and giving mom a hard time, but lots of love and kisses too. We continued to play a lot and have lots of cuddle time too.  I was very happy and began to put on weight.  It was nice to be free of all that yucky stuff and medicines and things.  After a lil over 2 months we stopped by to see Dr Mark and say hi and show him how good I looked and how all my hair was grown back, it was time he see me as the handsome guy mom is always telling him I am!! He was so happy to see me and thought I looked great.  He told mom he felt confident we had gotten it all and she didn’t need to worry so much about tummy now…(but she still pokes it now and then, I think she just needs to be sure all is well as she was pretty scared through all of that).

A lil more time has now passed and I’m still very happy and healthy.  I still give my mom a VERY hard time….one of my favorite things to do is to steal keys off her laptop while she’s talking to her friends that have bunnies too. This last weekend she went to a bunny show and brought home the CUTEST lil girl I think I have ever seen.  Her name is Lexi and mom told her she can be my girlfriend…WOW, how lucky am I??  Lexi and I are still getting to know each other but it’s going very well…we seem to get along great…it’s nice to have somebunny around to talk to when Mom can’t be with me. I still love mom and spend a lot of time with her, she still gets lots of kisses from me too, cuz even though I have a bunny girlfriend, I still love mom a lot. I know that I wouldn’t have made it through everything without Mom’s love and Dr Mark’s help.  I am glad they worked so hard to help me through it.  Mom still tells me all the time how much she loves me and is proud of me; she also still tells me how strong I am.  I’m glad that I didn’t give up and leave her, I think she woulda been really sad…and I never wanna do anything that makes her sad.

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