Corkys Story

Story of My Illness

This is a long story. Please try to read it all, especially if you are a new bunnymom.

Some things will make you laugh, some things you may cry, but I can promise you, it is a happy ending.

Lots of Love

Corky xxxx

I came to live with my human mom in March of 2005; I was only about 8 weeks old.  She had come to the greenhouse/pet store to get a plant for their lizard.  I was hopping around with a bunch of friends in a great big play area.  Mom came over to see us and sat down for a bit, I spotted her and hopped right over…sniffed at her, and then gave her a kiss.  She thought that was the cutest thing….she gave me lots of pets and I hopped off to play.  She stayed a long time so since she thought I was so sweet, I kept hopping over to give her more kisses.  Soon she scooped me up for some snuggles….wow was I in heaven!!!! This earned her a lot more kisses as she walked around the store snuggling and talking to me. Next I heard a man say to her, why do I think we’re taking home a bunny? Then Mom said, well we don’t NEED one…but yes, I think we are.  WOW I thought….I getta go home with this nice lady, she’s gonna be my bunnymom!!!!

We went and I helped pick out a cage and they took me home.  I had my own room with some other critters, some of them were VERY noisy, but mom would come and talk to me often and get me out to play, so I wasn’t really scared.  I could tell she loved me a lot; I gave her cuddles, kisses, and nudges all the time to show her how much I loved her too. Soon a friend came to live with me, they called him Homer…he was very nice and it was great to have someone to snuggle and play with when Mom was at work all day. 

After a few months things with Homer began to change…we got in a fight one night and mom didn’t know it cuz she was sleeping.  A couple days later I seemed kinda depressed and mom was worried, she took me to soccer practice with her and I got to see lots of kids.  That helped a lil and mom thought I was ok.  The next night she had me out and was snuggling me tight and that’s when she noticed blood on her shirt….She got really scared and held me and cried….she posted on her bunny forum to see if anyone could help…she found the sore and got the bleeding stopped.  The next day Mom called the vet to see what he said…he asked her to bring me in to be on the safe side so he could shave away the hair around the spot and make sure its wasn’t worse than it looked.

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We went to see the vet, his name is Dr. Mark, I really like him a lot, you’ll see why as my story goes on. He shaved away the hair around the sore and told Mom it looks infected and he wanted to put me on antibiotics to be on the safe side, Mom was also to put Neosporin on the sore to keep it soft and to help with the infection. We went home and Mom cuddled me even more.  Dr. Mark had told mom to keep a close eye on me and if I stopped eating to let him know…by the time we got home I wasn’t feeling very well and wouldn’t eat and was acting real tired and just laid in mom’s arms.  She called Dr. Mark and he said to bring me back for a pain shot, that I was most likely hurting and that’s why I didn’t wanna eat.  That helped and the next day I was better, Dr Mark called to check on me and mom said I seemed better, he gave her his cell phone number (I’m not sure what that is, but that’s what I heard her say) so Mom could get hold of him if anything happened or if she had any questions over the weekend.

By Sunday I was feeling very yucky again, I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to play…I just wanted to lay around and Mom got scared….she called Dr. Mark that evening and he wanted us to meet him at his clinic so he could take a look at me.  When we got there he stuck a needle in me and told mom I needed fluids, so he gave them to me that way.  It hurt a lil bit and puffed me up like a balloon for awhile, I looked really goofy…but I didn’t much care cuz I felt really yucky.  Dr Mark got down and was talking to me, moving his noise and asking me to do the same, Mom had been crying all the way there and while we waited for him, she said she thought I quit breathing.  So he was trying to show me how to again….his faces were funny that he made…but I was so tired that it didn’t phase me much. Mom took me home and held me and rocked me for hours…she was crying A LOT…telling me how much she loved me and didn’t want me to go.  Several times I quit breathing in her arms, but I would remember what she said about not wanting me to go yet so I’d gasp and start again.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it, she kept telling me we had too much left to do together, lots of cuddles, carrots and greens to eat…and LOTS of playing and kisses left to give. All of this she was telling me thru tears…but it was SO hard to keep going….I wanted to, but it was so hard…I think she understood this and finally told me that if I couldn’t fight anymore and had to go, she understood.  She didn’t want me to, but understood if I couldn’t do it anymore.  She was crying so hard she could barely speak.  It hurt me to see her like this.  Finally Mom couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore and put me on a heating pad in a small cage right next to her bed so she could see me if I needed anything.  She had also started feeding me some stuff she made of pellets and carrot baby food, she was forcing this down me with a syringe….it wasn’t fun, but I understood later why she had to.

Mom got up every couple of hours that night and woke me up to make me eat more of this stuff.  I didn’t like it much but was so tired that I couldn’t fight her; she also gave me water this way.  The extra snuggle time with her was nice though…I made it thru the night, mom didn’t sleep much cuz she just laid and watched me and cried most of the time, I think she was afraid if she went to sleep when she woke up, I’d be gone. I was strong and made it through the night.  Homer was going in to be fixed at Dr Mark’s on Monday (weird, I didn’t know he was broke!) and he had asked Mom to bring me too if I wasn’t feeling much better, I felt a lil better, but not much, so she took and I stayed there for the day.  Mom went to work but couldn’t stay long cuz she was way to upset.  She came to see me about mid-day and I really wasn’t much better, of course she started crying again and told Dr. Mark about the stuff she’d been making me eat, he said they’d do that and see how it went, that she could come pick me up later that day.  Mom went home for awhile and called in a couple hours to see how I was.  Dr. Mark said he was very worried that the infection was actually worse and we needed to change medicine cuz what I was taking wasn’t helping.  Mom asked if we would possibly have to put me down and Dr. Mark said he wanted to try this medicine, that he was gonna give me so much it would either cure me or kill me, I was scared and wanted mom, but he said she’d be back a lil later for me.  I found out later that after that conversation, mom hung up the phone and cried for 3 hours til she fell asleep.

Mom came and got me and took me home, I rode on her the whole way home…I was glad to see her and gave her a few kisses.  She kept making me eat that stuff again and was up most of the night with me, but the next morning she got up and I was sitting there looking at her!!! I actually felt a lil better….still pretty rough, but I at least had the energy to get up now.  Mom was SO excited and really fussed over me then.  The feedings and mom getting up all the time went on for about a week as I steadily got better.  I still wasn’t myself, but Mom wasn’t crying all the time….it was neat, she’d even come home from work a couple times a day to feed me!!!

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