Always quarantine any new rabbit for 2-3, weeks, 3 weeks is better. The reason being some pathogens (pasturella ( proper ) not the viral infection that causes weepy eyes and snuffles ) are not present for up to 3 weeks It is also a good idea to have the new rabbit checked by a vet before introducing him to your existing rabbit. After the quarantine, move the new rabbit's cage into the room with the existing rabbit. Place their cages at least 3ft apart to allow the rabbits to get used to each other's scent. They should be able to smell and see each other, but not able to touch. You can allow separate exercise time in the same area, but make sure that the rabbits cannot bite one another through the cage bars.


A list of  some things   That  should be  kept on hand  at all times  , but more importantly  , when   buying a  new Rabbit
1: hand sanatizer
2: bottle of  Alcohol
3: Rubber Gloves
4: bleach for  disinfecting  cages
5: A small Litter pan   for bleach  /water  mixture
6:Face  mask
7: 2 clean  spray bottles , one for  bleach  spray  and  one  for  alcohol spray .




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