Cave's Bunnies at Rainbow Bridge

These are tributes to past bunnies that have left us to be at the Rainbow Bridge. This is the hardest part of having rabbits, but sadly is a fact of life.

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Korbel passed very unexpectedly on September 23, 2007 at the young age of 2. This was a devistating loss for me, I will always miss his easy going ways and carefee attitude of what went on around him, he was often found sleeping at the shows, completely unphased by all that was going on around him. Korbel was the foundation and the rabbit that made me love the sable point color. He is sorely missed and I'm still not dealing well with seeing his empty cage in the rabbitry. I knew from the time I met him he was destined to live his life at the Cave. I know there will never be another like you big boy, I love you and miss you more than you can know.


Schwandt's Korbel June 4th, 2005 - September 23, 2007

korbie1 korbie


Virgil was a sweet Siamese Sable buck, he had fought a hard fight with a blockage several months before he died.

He was a sweet buck with a heart of gold and bucket loads of strength and courage to keep fighting.

You lived with me for a short while, but you will be greatly missed.

Virgil1 Virgil2

Silver Bullet was a nice buck that lived with me for a few short months, I never did get any babies from him. I was quite surprised by his death, I went out to feed and he wasn't acting right...picked him up and he seemed to be gasping for air and his tongue was blue, I will never know details of what happened, but I'm glad I was able to be there to say goodbye.

spirit1 spirit2

Schwandt's Spirit was a very sweet boy that did alot for helping my sable points. He started having trouble with his back end, kind of dragging his legs, then he'd get better... I couldn't find anything wrong w/ his back or hips and it didn't seem to hurt him when I messed trying to find the source. He gradually got worse and was even having trouble getting away from his waste, I decided I couldn't watch and let him go thru that any longer and had to have him put down. I'm sorry Spirit, I hated to see you go.....RIP.

spirit1 spirit2

Grand Champion Corky's Cave's and Clover Hill's Kiara. She was first cave born baby to get her GC. She was a very sweet girl who came down with an infection in her uterus I believe. It seemed as if I was going to pull her thru and then she took a turn for the worse, it was time to let her go. Still miss your sweet face greeting me for dinner.

Eli was a heartbreaking loss....I still miss him every day!

GC Corky's Cave's Eli, born October 18, 2009. He is the son of Corky's Cave's Owen and Schwandt's Divine.

Eli is the first Cave buck to earn his Grand Champion, he is also the first earn a placing at a national level by

placing 17th BJB at 2010 Holland Lop Nationals. At 10 months of age Eli already has 7 GC legs, with several being BOB.


Here is GC Carson's Fred, son of Carson's Harley and Ruth, he's a blue tort. Fred has 16 legs and is for the most part retired.










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