The Cave's Barn

Here are some photos of the new barn built in summer of 2008. It's 12x20, insulated, painted, electric and of course air conditioned as well! The only thing we were unable to pull off was running water, we are looking into an automatic watering system fed with 5 gallon buckets. It was a long process, but worth it!

A HUGE thank you goes out to my husband and son...and of course my father in law who sacraficed a few days of his vacation to help get the building enclosed and windows in....and also to Tim Johnson who helped with the floor, the roofing and alot of the inside work that required climbing a ladder....some things I just won't do! A special thanks to Mark Carson as well for answering my endless questions of what works well, what doesn't and where to find things during the planning phase.Thanks guys you are the best, couldn't have done it without you!

A little about the new setup:

I've tried to incorporate ideas from other breeders of what they did/didn't like about their setups now and in the past. I am really happy with how its turned out and don't really know of much at this point that I'd change (other than the running water thing.) The exhaust fan is on a special timer that is hardwired in and it runs 2 times per hour for 5 minutes each to keep fresh air circulating. The lights are on a seperate timer and can be adjusted to run longer during winter with shorter days. We will heat as needed with an electric oil filled heater or 2 if necessary. The temp has been pretty easy to maintain with the windows open and fans running, even when its hot outside they are comfortable as the large shade tree in the backyard provides them with shade a good share of the day. There is also a ceiling fan that runs all the time and is on its own switch for lighting that I can use on those early morning show days when loading up and a motion light on the outside to light up the path on the way there. There is plastic draped behind all the cages to protect the walls, the cages are setup on bricks with 2x4's on them to get the cages off the floor a bit. Also we have placed several cabinets in the barn for storage of extra supplies, the large cabinet setup against the back wall also has a top with sides so bunnies can run around and play while I'm out there working. The food and bedding are in sealable reacycle type containers, we will be getting a large garbage can that will hopefully hold an entire bale of hay at a time. I think that pretty well covers the modifications that we've done, if you have questions, please ask.

You can click on all the photo's to enlarge them

Of course I had to be involved, check out and approve the new barn before any bunny could move in!


The process started by having a big dumptruck come in to put in some gravel for the base, to get the building off the ground a bit. The dump truck almost got stuck in our yard....forgot to get pictures of that!

Next came the framing and the floor.

After that we moved onto enclosing the structure and the back windows were put in at that time.


After things were enclosed the roof went on along with the front window and the 36 inch door.

spirit1 spirit2

Next was the fun job of painting...UGG that siding was a pain with all those grooves! First we primered with a sealer/primer then painted it with a good al weather exterior paint.

spirit1 spirit2

With the outside pretty much done we moved onto finishing the inside....we insulated the sides and ceiling and also added the exhaust fan at this time.

Finished putting up the interior walls and the 'vaulted' ceiling..only the best for the cave bunnies!

Next...we have occupancy!!!!

barn1 barn2

Once the painting was complete (including some artwork from my son)....we started moving them in!


Once they'd been moved in for awhile we decided to ditch the water bottles and put in an auto-water system. BEST decision ever made! I love the setup and it makes life so much easier!

Of course, the barn wouldn't be complete without Corky! (enlarge to see what I made for the peak)




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